Our Mission

Community Awareness

The Calcasieu Youth Organization is dedicated to service. It’s our mission to provide the parents and youth of our community with an opportunity to be educated about drugs, alcohol, substance abuse, domestic violence, teen pregnancy and other life debilitating devices through teaching moral proven principals.

We will also provide at-risk youth with an opportunity to gain skills and experience in a variety of arts including dance, vocal and instrumental music, karate, goal setting, and public speaking. Our programs will assist partakers in making the transition from broken homes and poverty, allowing them to develop essential life skills that will directly contribute to their success and productivity as adult
members of society.

Community Collaboration

copsThough most drugs are either declining or remaining steady in their abuse or distribution in Louisiana, “Club” Drug abuse and distribution among teenagers and young adults is on the rise.  Counterfeit pills in Louisiana are sold to young adults as MDMA.