Spiritual Care

A Moral Revival in Louisiana

The CYO has also noted the moral vexation and mental devastation that the men and women of south-west Louisiana have gone through as a whole. We have all suffered great loss in the face of this economy. Our elderly have battled with high levels of stress, our working men and women are battling high levels of chronic depression, and our children have been both mentally and socially affected as well. We all could use a little moral up-lifting. We believe what this Community needs most to get through this is both physical restoration and moral revival.

Our Core Values

  • Providing quality services to all of our clients, regardless of age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, mental or physical disabilities or ability to pay for services
  • Showing sensitivity and caring to the immediate community’s current needs
  • Being accountable and responsive
  • Pursuing professional excellence
  • Offering effective tools to assist within the continued growth of the family